Formal presentation

BSc in Biophysics (Bioinformatics), MSc Artificial Intelligence. I have experience in Computer Science, acting on WEB Development, P2P Network, Collaborative Systems, Recommendation Systems, Open Source, BI (Business Intelligence), Scrum and Management, and infrastructure optimization.

My Social and Business (I don't have two faces)

I really think that collaboration is the answer... I love OpenSource projects and collaborate with a lot of them! I love Python, but I have no prejudices about other OpenSource tools.

Now I'm bringing to Brazil (the country that I love even with all problems...) CoderDojo, because kids need to now how to programming. It's the future! Look what I started here: CoderDojo Rio

I like kids, dogs, soccer, sports (but I don't practice by now...), drink a beer with friends and my girl. Yeah! I love my friends and family (including my dog).

Now I'm managing all technical part of LabSynapse project, helping with consulting for Kappius IT and working at Globo.com.