MVP mind in consumer society

Sun 06 March 2016


It's so difficult to resist for consumer temptations... I'm not a consumer guy, but capitalist society and its 'consumer guide' show you a lot of possibilities and you always need more and more useless stuff.

Now let me think about entrepreneurship... When you start your business people say:

- Go and make your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Yes, we know that! But what is that "M"? What is really the minimum? I can see some people that can't see that minimum... And when we talk about real minimum they say:

- Oh! But my clients will not like it
- It's a very bad product... Nobody want it

So, your clients have a problem that your product should solve. They will have the same problem until a good solver appear. How do you know if your solver is really the best? It needs to be tested step by step giving just the essential part for each test. But it is soooo difficult to get this essential part. It's not people fault! Our society teaches them to always get more and more!! Just remember: Less is more!

keep calm because less is more

I did a trick, I think in my MVPs as choosing clothes for go out. How many clothes I really need to go a party? We will make clothes to go that party? Of course not! We have a lot of them inside our wardrobe... That's it! We don't need to create a new thing to test our product... Our MVP don't need thousands of features just to prove we are right, as well as we don't need a lot of stuffs to be happy.

why a lot?

Now going to "V" of MVP, let's think what's really valuable. People buy things all the time! Again we can see how hard is determine what is really valuable. Some guys still think that your cars, watches and boats are more important than family, honor and respect. It is strong for these guys to understand what is really valuable to them, even for their customers!

Human values are changed in some guys and it is very hard to make them understand the real product ("P") that customers need. The best MVPs don't need new inventions, just creativity (Here some good examples). Actually, for every new feature you should test it with some new MVPs and make your product with their results. It is applicable to consumer society too... You don't need all that products! Before buy them, try to test and think if you really want that products.

mvp flow

Now let's think a bit more how our education and attitudes in society impact our carrier. Sometimes we forget that the society act directly in our lifes and how our lifestyle can simplify or complicate entrepreneurship carrier. It is not about the money (Jessie J.), it's about to make the word a better place. If we think like this, we are on the right path.