Programmers, please know how to read and write

Fri 06 February 2015

Programmers reading and writing instead of coding?

Yeah guys, we need to know how to write! I'm Brazilian, and I listen from some of friends of mine:

Wow, I'm a programmer! I do some code and I don't need to know how to write in portuguese!

Ok, let's imagine that you're coding for a brazilian company and you need to comment some code for your colleagues. Or even if you need to write an email to your manager. I don't know what your manager will think about it, but it's a fair skill for your promotion...

If that guy don't mind about writing in portuguese, imagine in english! If you want a better job or submit a paper for scientific area with your results or new implementation you must write in english!

I understood about a better job, but write a paper?

Everyone can write a paper with innovations for scientific community. But I think this is not the question here... Programmers can do fantastic things because they know how to make ideas come true with coding!

If you think that you have a good idea look inside Google Scholar if someone made this idea yet. If not go and build! There are a lot of conferences that you can submit your paper. You will get a lot of pride and recognition in community.

And read? For what?

The more you read, the more you write better... Simple as that... But please, read good references! Facebook and Twitter sometimes have a lot of errors and typos, so be careful and use Google Scholar as much as you can.

My own story...

Nowadays I submitted a paper to IEEE ICC (International Conference On Communications) that is a great conference in the Great Britain! My paper is "Content Recommendation and Service Costs in Swarming Systems" that I did in MSc about how Recommendation Systems can improve QoE (Quality of Experience) in VoD (Video over Demand) and live streaming over P2P (peer-to-peer) scenarios.

This conference want to make word smarter and my paper try to make content delivery smarter, so it's matching! When you search for a conference or a journal to submit your paper, before get in mind if your work is good for that conference. If it matches don't be afraid! Go and submit it!!