1. MVP mind in consumer society

    How build a great MVP if our education tell us to get always more?
  2. MVP (minimal viable product) for tests or tests for MVPs

    Software testing is a really important step, but sometimes this is not so good... In my opinion, tests are great if you're not testing your product like MVP.
  3. Changing dynamically Pentaho report's, transformation's and job's databases using Python

    Take care of Pentaho clone reports, transformations and jobs for a lot of databases is so difficult, here I will show a trick to change database 'on the fly' instead of manually change database using Pentaho.
  4. Programmers, please know how to read and write

    Read and write as well as we can is really important for programmers too because we need to communicate with others, but some don't mind...
  5. Using Pelican, Github, Parse, Sendgrid and Disqus to make your free website.

    How you can do your free website using Github pages host and sending emails using Sendgrid.
  6. Using PyHeaderFile to handle sheets

    Showing why handle excel and csv sheets in python when these files have header instead of hole file.